Вакансия Marketing Manager

2 вакансии
Специализация: Marketing/PR
Уровень: Middle
Опыт: 3 года
Уровень английского: Upper-Intermediate
Город: Минск
Режим работы: Полный день
Размер компании: 85

Twistellar is one of the leading Salesforce consulting companies in Eastern Europe. We hire a stellar team that transcends time and space (not to mention crises and viruses)! We help customers all over the world to automate their businesses by developing applications on Salesforce - world #1 cloud platform. And that's not all!

Besides project outsourcing, we develop our own IT products. We value every employee, and we can honestly say that a friendly environment is not an empty word for us. And this is just the beginning: we are growing! There are already 85 of us!

Required competences:

  • experience of promoting a B2B application/product to the market

  • understanding of the relevant promotional channels and their effective utilization

  • solid skill of creating product-related content: whitepapers, landing pages, videos, etc - to drive the customers’ interest

  • understanding of product management metrics, ability to set up the system of their tracking and improvement, metric-driven decision making

  • English proficiency

  • passion for his/her job

  • proven desire to learn

Expected functions:

  • becoming the Product-Owner of Sculptor CPQ - taking care of all aspects of its life cycle, from development to promotion, distribution, monetization and user adoption

  • managing promotional channels, metric-driven user acquisition

  • collecting user feedback, measuring user satisfaction

  • creating product-related content to properly position the solution on the market and simplify user adoption

Why would you be interested:

  • it's a great opportunity to become the product-owner of Sculptor CPQ - taking care of all aspects of its life cycle, from development to promotion, distribution, monetization and user adoption

  • we have a demanding but respectful corporate environment where people develop quickly

  • we were not impacted by COVID, having grown by 20% during last 12 months (we’re stable, didn’t cut salaries, didn’t fire people and are not going to)

  • we have a very small people turnover (the team is friendly, open-minded and supportive)

  • we have very experienced and empathetic management

  • we have a cool tennis table

Why would you NOT be interested:

  • we’re indeed challenging - you’ll have to work hard and contribute with each day passed

  • we don’t like excuses - people usually can do more, we know that, you know that

  • it’s not some handsome stupid B2C mobile app, Sculptor CPQ is brutal enterprise - serious stuff for serious people :)

You’re doing your work great if:

  • You can always tell what needs to be improved with Sculptor CPQ, and what is more important - WHY EXACTLY it does.

  • You’re effectively spending the marketing budget, and it pays off.

  • You have experience with Jira or similar tools

  • You like the customers, you use their love for Sculptor to achieve better results.

Such vacancies appear rarely - don’t miss that opportunity if you recognized yourself in the description!

And try to google Twistellar on the Internet - it’s all true :)

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