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Специализация: Data Science
Уровень: Senior
Опыт: 4 года
Уровень английского: Intermediate
Город: Минск
Режим работы: Полный день
Размер компании: 200
Возможна удалённая работа: Да


Opinov8 is a technology service provider, with an Opinion in Innovation, we engage with our clients at any stage in their product engineering and innovation goals, with solutions being mainly collaborative and outcome driven. We are driven by delivering value, for our clients, through technological innovation.We are a young energetic and dynamically agile company and the team behind Opinov8 are software industry veterans. We are ambitious on our own and our client’s behalf and we do not look at a client engagement as a project, we are in it to help our clients build sustainable products, platforms, and businesses.Our core values and what we look for in our Opinov8rs:

  • You are Collaborative - is a key component to being successful in distributed environments.
  • You are Innovative - it is a requirement that we innovate, as individuals and as a company.
  • Be Adventurous - courageous people are adventurous, we are hiring and nurturing this quality.
  • Always Respectful - remember if you don’t respect others they will not respect you.
  • Inherently Intelligent - it goes without saying we are all intelligent in our own way.
  • Ultimately Responsible - being responsible is a core personality trait that is needed for us and our clients’ success and ultimately a happy work environment.


We are looking for Senior Data Engineer to help us build the team for the world’s premier market intelligence platform, and it’s all about data. Helping us design, implement and scale data within the client platform, understanding challenges, coming up with the data architecture to help us scale into the future achieving 10x growth and beyond. You will also work closely with our Backend and Frontend teams to support them with linking our data API’s into the back and frontend of our systems. You will be analytical and data driven in your role, working as part of a cross functional data engineering team of around 6 individuals to help drive your finished product.Current "Tech Stack" includes, but is not limited to:

  • Google Cloud Platform;
  • PostgreSQL;
  • Bash;
  • Python;
  • Flyway;
  • Oracle;
  • Groovy;
  • Spock Framework for testing.


  • Scaling our existing data processes, focusing on quality every step of the way;
  • Provide guidance on technology, library and tooling choices to the team;
  • Wary of things like scope creep, over-engineering and ‘skipping unit tests for now’;
  • Learning our business domain;
  • Good software engineering principles and practice;
  • Solving business problems whilst avoiding technical complexity;
  • Collaborating with our teams consisting of data scientists and machine learning engineers, UX specialists, product specialists, and SREs.


  • 5 years or more of software development experience;
  • Working together, be that pairing, or wider team collaboration;
  • A belief in the agile principles, not just a single "Agile Process";
  • Willingness to use the appropriate tool for the job, not just the latest "hot" technology;
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience with others;
  • Good (current) knowledge of SQL and Java OR Python;
  • Experience in collaborative design of software systems including contracts, integration points and database schemas;
  • The ability to Test-Drive software with automated tests.Nice to have:
  • Build and design large scale real-time and batch data pipelines;
  • Distributed microservice based applications at scale;
  • Docker and Kubernetes to run your amazing code;
  • Wearing a Scrum Master hat from time to time;
  • Experience with cloud technologies such as GCP, AWS.
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