Вакансия Senior PHP & Web developer

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Специализация: PHP
Уровень: Senior
Опыт: 2 года
Уровень английского: Pre-Intermediate
Зарплата: $1400—2000
Город: Минск
Режим работы: Фриланс
Размер команды: 6—8
Размер компании: 300
Возможна удалённая работа: Да


I will tell you one thing that may make you remember Scandiweb, every time you do ... anything. 

How is it possible? 

  • Think about cars for example…  Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, BMW, Jaguar or Land Rover? We built their sites to sell their cars. 
  • Wearing socks, maybe HappySocks? Well, we built their stores too! 
  • Applying L'Oreal or Lancome makeup? That's our customer! 
  • Running in PUMA shoes? Their eCommerce store was made by Scandiweb!
  • Buying tickets at airBaltic.com or visiting THE MET museum in New York? Made in Scandiweb. Enjoying … hmm… yeah, we made an official Durex site too!

We are the #1 eCommerce Agency in the World and we continue our growth!

We welcome Senior PHP Developers, who are expected to:

  • first and foremost - learn! Yes, you are Seniors, but, if you want to advance further, you need to become an empty glass again, or, at least, a half-full one
  • have a Mission. Why do you do IT? Who do you want to become? What impact can you make? You have great power, so let's figure out how to use it together!
  • be involved, learn what is the Scandiweb way of doing things and become a role model for others
  • become part of our humble family, ask for help - you will definitely see a lot of new stuff you did not know, learn it and help others
  • help the team to innovate. You know what cutting edge is - share it with others and let's get there together!

What does it take to become a Senior PHP Developer?

  • Apply to the job and we will send you the link to the application form
  • Fill out the necessary details and we will get back to you very soon with the next steps
  • Wonder what those are? Usually a phone call, test assignment and a technical interview

NOTE! If you are starting the work remotely you will need to have your own hardware setup. We recommend having CPU i5 (or AMD equivalent), SSD 512GB and RAM 16GB

What is it like to be a Senior PHP Developer:

  • you are a part of a small team working on a project together
  • you get complex real-world tasks, build them, test and ship to Live
  • you actively engage with your teammates to discuss your solutions for complex tech challenges before building them
  • you will get a lot of support and learning from other Seniors
  • your tech stack is advanced and we are here to support your onboarding experience - OOP frameworks, Docker, GraphQL, React, Vue and so much more
  • as you progress, so does the difficulty of the problems you have to solve, as well as responsibility for the entire project grows up to a Tech Lead level 


  • get the best Dev training in the #1 eCommerce agency in the world
  • work on the most challenging and the biggest projects globally
  • be part of a multinational team delivering to customers in more than 70 countries!
  • enjoy our online first office, where everybody is connected no matter their location
  • get support to organize your home office or enrol in a coworking space;
  • health insurance, Crowdbonus from your colleagues, library, certifications, events and so much more! 
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