Вакансия Senior Full-stack Engineer (Vectaury)

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Специализация: Java
Уровень: Senior
Опыт: 5 лет
Уровень английского: Intermediate
Город: Минск
Режим работы: Полный день
Размер команды: 13+
Размер компании: 150
Возможна удалённая работа: Да

​​​​​Cedon BLR offers all-inclusive support for the companies that want to drive further their IT business but are limited in their internal resources.We work together with world solution providers in producing high quality IT products.

Some of our projects are already separate companies - Netco Sports, Octonion. Now Cedon is expanding the team for the Vectaury company.

Vectaury is a product company that is developing a platform where bidding for a potential buyer between advertisers takes place. Advertisers buy access to this platform and the right to participate in auctions. Works for mobile devices, browsers, and TVs.

Vectaury is also a startup that offers a complete drive-to-store solution to retail players, both independent and large accounts. Thanks to enhanced profiling of mobile users, Vectaury generates advertising messages on mobile, to attract active consumers in stores.

We are looking for Senior Full-stack Developer to work on creating/ supporting our product.


  • Technical design;
  • Development;
  • Integration.


  • Follow the backlog on the projects to which he is assigned;
  • Participate in Scrum / Agile rituals;
  • Document what is done so that any member of the team can resume their tasks;
  • Be a force of proposal to advance the platform pole internally, by sharing its expertise, its monitoring and its benchmarks;
  • Follow the development processes defined internally (use of project management tools, follow-up of tickets and incidents).


  • The main programming languages ​​(JAVA 11, CSS, HTML5, JS, SQL…), allowing it to work on both the back end and the front end;
  • Experiences in development practices (pair programming, TDD, code review, continuous integration);
  • Strong knowledge in the foundations of the Web (http, html, css, etc.);
  • Experiences in web technologies such as Angular, SASS, or even NodeJS;
  • Some knowledge in administration / server configuration and / or a good experience in Angular 5+, Typescript is a plus.


  • Rigor, attention to detail;
  • Team spirit;
  • A strong desire to learn;
  • Curious, creative, autonomous, rigorous, knowing how to work in a team, on the lookout for all new software and techniques.


  • Comfortable office in the city center ( Oktyabrskaya/Nemiga ); we have a remote work now;
  • The ability to be healthy through health insurance;
  • Compensation of lunches;
  • Free English classes at the office;
  • Sports compensation.
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