Вакансия Senior Android Developer

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Специализация: Android
Уровень: Senior
Опыт: 3 года
Уровень английского: Advanced/Fluent
Зарплата: $3000—5500
Город: Минск
Режим работы: Полный день
Размер компании: 210
Возможна удалённая работа: Да

TLDR: Senior Android; remote work; advanced English; individual entrepreneur.

WANTED - thinkers, builders and dreamers

We're ArcTouch, and for over a decade we've been creating lovable apps, web sites, and more for world-leading companies like Walmart, Disney, Audi, 3M, and many more. Since launching our first app in 2009, we've followed these core principles for success:

  • Create lovable apps, the perfect blend of something that's both useful and delightful
  • Help our clients become superheroes because long-term partnerships matter
  • Treat every app like it’s our own, even if our name isn’t on it
  • Stand behind everything we build with a Forever Warranty but most of all, to be a software development company that people trust.

If you're passionate about technology and building great products, we want you to join us!

Know the Android Team

We are Androiders! We love to work with every Android project, starting from scratch or getting into a million-users project; running on phones, tablets, watches, TVs, cars, or even in the shower (why not?). Our team comes from different backgrounds, Java, Kotlin-first, web, cross-platform technologies, and that's the beauty of it: you can get a really wide perspective about any Android related topic. We gather to talk and study new technologies and how/where we can apply them on our projects, always having a cup of coffee, tea, or water (stay hydrated!). There is no one-stack-to-rule-them-all, in the same year you might work with different architectures and technologies. If we could summarize our goal, it would be projects.forEach { project -> project.solution() }. At the end of the day, the Android team strives to build pixel perfect, user-centered, performant, clean coded apps, one line of code at a time.

Role Expectations

  • Advocate for Kotlin, but not afraid to get hands-on Java
  • Know your way around the Android framework, using AndroidX, Architecture Components, and our other Jetpack friends
  • Live by object-oriented programming concepts, fitting some functional programming whenever possible
  • S.O.L.I.D. principles for you are as important as staying hydrated
  • Choose and apply the design patterns that best fit your task
  • Work with different architectures, knowing its benefits and downsides
  • Write code that is maintainable, performant and designed with love
  • Create and integrate network layers with RESTful APIs
  • Manage your code with Git-based technologies, whether using CLI or GUI clients, from the branches you work to CI/CD
  • Provide and receive feedback on code reviews, always looking for ways to improve code quality, maintainability, and readability
  • Write tests! Unit tests, integration tests, UI tests. Regardless of which, we make a point of writing high-quality testable code
  • Attention to detail and design guidelines, and that means questioning when it could be simpler and better and when platform guidelines could be better respected
  • Work closely with design and product teams to help shape and improve the way we develop our projects
  • Manage your work in small increments, always giving visibility of your progress through a project tracking software
  • Work as close as possible to the whole team, taking ownership, respecting and trusting your teammates
  • Be able to clearly express yourself in English with clients and coworkers
  • Participate in Agile ceremonies with your team and clients, whether they are next to you or on the other side of the world 
  • Be part of the internal and external community, spread the word and share your knowledge with others
  • Help our team grow strong and keep its core values
  • Learn and share knowledge in our study groups
  • Talk about your interests, desires, hobbies, or anything else with your Chapter Leader
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