Вакансия DevOps engineer (Azure)

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Специализация: DevOps/Sysadmin
Уровень: Senior
Опыт: 4 года
Уровень английского: Advanced/Fluent
Город: Минск
Режим работы: Полный день
Размер команды: 13+
Размер компании: 80
Возможна удалённая работа: Да

Axiom Connected, LLC (https://axiomconnected.com), a FinTech and InsurTech subsidiary of a US company Axiom Connected headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is searching for a talented Software Business Analyst to join our team in Minsk, Belarus.  

Requirements:Have a minimum of 5+ years of experience in a production engineering or DevOps role.• Have demonstrated success in configuring a containerized Azure environment for scale andperformance.• Demonstrate hands-on experience working with container technology such as Docker/Kubernetes.• Have previous experience working in a cloud-native architecture on a platform such as Azure.• Be proficient with web server technology such as NGINX and others.• Have a successful history of adding and maintaining monitoring and observability tools.• You are comfortable using git (we use Tortoise Git on windows, but any git will do).• You are very comfortable working in Kubernetes to set up new services and pods from scratch.• You actively monitor and enhance server performance and stability.• You are comfortable setting up clear procedures for disaster recovery.• You are very familiar with Azure and can help diagnose issues with the development team.• You can balance competing priorities well.• You can build long term goals with other members of the organization for infrastructure as a wholeand make plans to safely transition existing infrastructure towards those goals.• You are flexible and willing to help across more than one part of the organization and can juggle afew deadlines.• You can set up a full Kubernetes environment from scratch with alerts, scalable services, and goodsecret management in Consul.• You can maintain VPN configuration to allow some development members to VPN into Kubernetes toassist in debugging.Other Relevant Information:Kubernetes/DockerPostgreSQLRabbitMQElasticSearchAzureConsulOpenVPN

We offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Remote or office
  • 25 days of vacations
  • 10 sick days
  • Free English classes
  • Partly compensation of sports
  • Medical insurance for an employee and their family (including dentistry and medicines)
  • Friendly atmosphere and great corporate culture
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