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Специализация: Technical Writer
Уровень: Middle
Опыт: 2 года
Уровень английского: Не важно
Зарплата: от $1000
Город: Минск
Размер команды: 2
Размер компании: 115

Targetprocess is looking for a Technical Writer. We call this position Knowledge Engineer (KE). As a KE, you will help our DevOps, development, and Support teams have a full picture of the technical side of our product.

KE’s Responsibilities in Targetprocess:

  1. Elicit information on the architecture of Targetprocess - a large software system - both from its developers and existing artifacts.
  2. Develop & maintain technical docs based on the elicitated information, in the form of UML-like diagrams and text.
  3. Edit & organize technical docs written by developers.
  4. Publish the docs inside the company, educate people on using them.
  5. Gather feedback on the documentation, improve the process of its development.
  6. Try & implement alternative forms of knowledge capturing & transfer where appropriate.
  7. Notify teams of any of the system’s inconsistencies if such are detected during documenting.

As for the skills, we expect you to:

  1. Have analytical & systems thinking
  2. Love (!), and be good at, visual modeling or diagram development
  3. Like, and be good at, writing
  4. Be good at naming things and identifying the main points in a flow of info
  5. Easily communicate in written and verbal form (Russian / Belarusian)
  6. Have an Advanced level of written English

It’s OK if you’re a bureaucratic bore, but having a sense of humor in the minimal amount as specified in the company’s internal regulations is absolutely required.

As for experience, we expect you to:

  1. Have worked in roles requiring active communication
  2. Have developed many diagrams compliant with UML or other standards (GOSTs will count)
  3. Have developed many diagrams using software tools - Miro, Draw.io, any CAD tools
  4. Have developed a lot of technical documentation
  5. Have a general understanding of SDLC, web programming technologies, web apps architecture

What you can learn in this position:

  1. Large software systems architecture principles
  2. The specifics of web development / DevOps terminology & processes; if you’ve read this far, include “Adhere to the provisions” in the text of your cover letter
  3. The possibilities of modern web development & infrastructure tools
  4. Knowledge Management principles in organizations

We offer:

  • Own products
  • Strong professional team
  • Cozy office
  • Comfortable working places
  • Medical insurance
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