Вакансия Lead Front-end Engineer

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Специализация: Front-end/JS
Уровень: Team Lead
Опыт: 3 года
Уровень английского: Intermediate
Город: Минск
Режим работы: Полный день
Размер команды: 6—8
Размер компании: 100

Syberry is a service company, a resident of HTP. We are engaged in professional development of high-quality software for the US market.

We are looking for a Lead Front-end Engineer to join our team. 


  • Designing architecture and system design.
  • Organization and coordination of the team.

We take a person into a team, not for a specific project. However, now there is a need for a lead engineer to develop a business automation system for real-estate property management from scratch. The client is a company in the USA that manages hundreds of residential real estates. At the moment, the client is using about 30 different technical systems for doing business. The objective of the project is the architectural design of a single platform, which will combine and automate all business processes of the company, as well as replace or integrate the solutions that are currently used by the client. 

The implementation of the platform includes many non-trivial engineering tasks that need to be solved:

  1. Designing the architecture of the platform and the choice of technologies to create an extensible solution that will be in service for many years The technical design of the cloud infrastructure and the entire development pipeline, including the structure of the engineering team.
  2. Integration with payment and banking systems to automate the work with cash flows between all counterparties involved in the process. 

  3. Separation of the life cycle of the platform code and the client’s business processes for organizing parallel activities of the development team and the process design team. 

  4. Creation of a uniform modern UI / UX for the entire family of systems, both for internal users and for external clients of the company. 

  5. Design and implementation of data migration and current processes to a new technological platform.


  • Experience in JavaScript development using frameworks (preferably ReactJS).

  • Experience in organizing and coordinating the work of other engineers (at least two people).

  • Experience in designing systems or components and writing technical documentation.

  • Understanding the principles of the organizing the pipeline for the assembly and delivering source code to the end user.

  • Good English (Intermediate and above). 

We offer:

  • Interesting serious projects.

  • Established workflows.

  • Extended social package: English classes, compensations, etc.

  • Fair salary, regular review in the format of Performance Interview & Review.

  • A modern spacious office in the downtown near the subway (not open space).

  • Flexible working hours.

What will you see if you come to Syberry?

A democratic atmosphere where at the first glance you won’t be able to distinguish a senior developer, a junior or a CEO, where the employees write with a marker on the kitchen walls, where they play darts in the hall and in the evening one can see somebody playing the guitar or drums. And all these people at another time, in the state of calm flow or in pre-release excitement, develop high-quality software together. The size of the company (there are about 100 people now) allows the employees, on the one hand, to know all the colleagues, and on the other – to gain an opportunity to perform more complex tasks and not just to get lost in a crowd. We all openly communicate as equals on different topics, not only work-related ones. 

If our work approach and values are close to you, we will be glad to communicate with you over a cup of delicious tea or coffee in our office.

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