Вакансия Sales Assistant

2 вакансии
Специализация: Sales
Опыт: 1 год
Уровень английского: Advanced/Fluent
Город: Минск
Режим работы: Полный день
Размер команды: 6—8
Размер компании: 20

About us

Imagine a world without software developers. 

It may seem impossible. But, over the past four years, we’ve brought to market a tool that makes this a reality.

To see how this is possible, a brief intro is here: http://bit.ly/mint_data

The tool puts people without a technical background in control. It allows them to create software with the same fit and polish as a software engineering team, but with the speed and simplicity of an electronic spreadsheet.

About You

  • You have experience in lead generation.

  • You have an overwhelming desire to develop and learn new things.

  • You have excellent English in written & verbal forms.

  • You are good at business correspondence.

About this role

You will work closely with our sales & leadership teams, who will support you and provide you with all required information. 

During the lead generation process, you will use numerous sources including (but not limited to):





Google (search, drive etc.)

Microsoft office 


Your superb communication skills and brilliant spoken English will help you to сompete for the Sales Manager position within our organization in the future.

What We Offer

  • Dream team of talented professionals

  • Corporate training 

  • Salary based on dollar exchange rate

  • Lavish bonuses for the perseverance and KPI implementation 

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Medical Service

  • Corporate events and soulful team building

  • Tasty cookies, snacks and Espresso machine at the comfortable office with great location (metro Nemiga)

  • Friendly, family-like atmosphere at work, that you want to bring your slippers into the office

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