Вакансия Python Backend Engineer, Geospatial

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Специализация: Python
Уровень: senior
Опыт: 5 лет
Уровень английского: Не важно
Город: Минск
Размер команды: 9—13
Размер компании: 1000

Do you want to work on world-class AI-enabled Geospatial applications? The kind that could help identify where there is a higher risk of natural disasters, areas where dangerous accidents might occur, or predict where goods or services should be located to best serve customers? DataRobot is looking for people who are passionate about this space to build cutting-edge location-based technologies. Come and experience our strong engineer-first culture, and strengthen your skills working on challenging AI and Systems problems. 

Few companies can say that they have the chance to revolutionize whole industries -- at DataRobot, you can have that kind of impact. In Healthcare, Non-Profit, Finance, Insurance, Tech, Marketing, you name it. Our team builds features that customers rely on every day to know where and when to divert key resources across the globe. You will help bring location-aware AI adoption to the next level, building smarter products and services.

Main Requirements:

  • 5+ years of Python experience
  • Experience working in a large distributed software system (not just web-dev), ideally designing entire workflows or with other kinds of architecture responsibilities
  • Experience using Python tools for geospatial data, such as Shapely, GDAL or GeoPandas

Desired Skills:

  • Prior projects working on mapping applications or routing applications which have been used in the field by customers
  • Live experience working with location-based data to solve real problems
  • Experience with Spark (Python and/or Scala)
  • Spatial databases / spatial indexes in databases (e.g. PostGIS)
  • Other geographic information systems
  • Techniques and algorithms for geospatial data analytics and/or geospatial data science

Key Technologies:

  • Python2/3, Flask, Pytest, Requests, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Trafaret
  • Geospatial technologies: 
    • GDAL/OGR
    • GeoPandas
    • Spatial DB / spatial Indexes in databases (e.g. PostGIS), 
    • PySAL
    • Numpy, Scipy, Pandas
    • GeoJSON, Shapely, Descartes, Rasterio, scikit-image, Experience using MapBox/Google/Apple Maps APIs
    • MongoDB, TimescaleDB, Redis, RabbitMQ


  • Design, Develop, and Deploy Cutting-Edge Features, Architectures, and Algorithms:
    • Work with stakeholders to discover new requirements and opportunities
    • Develop prototypes and translate them into enterprise-grade capabilities
    • Create APIs and services to empower our customers to develop AI-enabled Geospatial workflows and applications
    • Build and extend system infrastructure to enable, accelerate, and scale our technology

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