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Senior Engineer (Python/Django)

  • Python
  • Django
  • Python Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • React.js
  • Experience with AWS
  • Amazon AWS
  • AWS cloud
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San Francisco based start-up, seeks senior engineer with deep experience across the web stack for above market pay.

We Are...

A young company who is building a next generation data platform for the entire North American (and then for Europe) live events industry including concerts, festivals, nightclub and sporting events.  Our current products allow for the buying and selling of tickets to events on our authorized ticket exchanges.  A key service that we offer fans is the ability to buy tickets to sold out events without any ticket scalping or ticket fraud.  We are capable of offering this service because of the deep api level integration we have with many major ticketing providers and the unique relationships we have forged with event, festival and club owners.  Another key service we provide is industry level business analytics documenting the intersection of ticket supply and demand to sold out events.  The heart of Lyte is built around the mission of putting fans and artists back at the center of the live event transaction.  To fans we deliver safer, more accurately priced tickets.  To artists, we provide increased ticketing revenue and precise insights into fan buying behavior.

You Are...

A senior engineer who understands, can construct and deconstruct anything written in python/django.  You have experience in all aspects of web development including performance optimization, system monitoring, junior engineer training, project management and are genuinely excited to work with a rapidly growing, early stage startup.  Lyte.com needs you to help us scale our application stack, which includes building new features, improving performance of legacy code and making sure that our engineering team can support the growth needs of the business and product teams.

To be successful, you must be...

Capable of owning/implementing major portions of business/API logic including interacting with vendor apis (and all the headaches...).

Capable of writing high performance API endpoints and queries that interact with possibly convoluted record structures.

Capable of interacting with our San Francisco based engineering team to provide feature development, legacy code and infrastructure development support.

Capable of teaching, guiding and providing leadership to both the technical engineering team and anyone at Lyte you might interact with.

Capable of autonomous remote work and working at least 3 hours a day on San Francisco (PST GMT -7) time.

Capable of infrequent live pair programming sessions to help us learn more about you, learn from you and teach you more about what needs to be built.

Actually positively emotionally stimulated by working in a vague and ambiguous startup environment (no faking it!).

Tools that we use...

- Python Django, AWS, PostgreSQL, Heroku,  Redis, Node, React, Mobx, PyCharm, VIM, Git, Slack


Competitive Above Market Pay Package including meaningful equity.

A mature team of people who realize that work life balance requires rigor, discipline and internal organization.

Awesome opportunities to occasionally interact with the Lyte team in San Francisco.

Awesome opportunities for the Lyte engineering team to interact in person with you in Minsk.

Awesome opportunities to occasionally interact with all walks of life in the music industry including high profile festivals, events and Lyte sponsored social adventures.

The opportunity to help us lead and grow a high performance team in Minsk.


We are looking to build a full in office team in Minsk.  This position is our first potential hire.  We are flexible about where you physically work and we would like to begin exploring an optimal plan for figuring out an office  and/or including us setting up an office for you and eventually up to 5 solid devs.

Требования к кандидату

  • Технологии: Python, Django, Python Django, PostgreSQL, React.js, Experience with AWS, Amazon AWS, AWS cloud
  • Иностранные языки: Английский — Advanced
  • Дополнительно: Принимаются заявки от иногородних (при условии переезда)
alexlyte — Алксандр Рыжко HR-менеджер

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Эл. почта:

Сайт: lyte.com


580 Howard street #403
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