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Twistellar is a leading developer of software solutions on the PaaS-platform Force.com. Registered Salesforce Partner, member of Hi-Tech Park. We’re focused both on development of proprietary products for Salesforce and on custom full cycle projects  for existing Salesforce implementations in Western Europe and United States. We’re bringing innovations to the platform, operating with the most up-to-date technologies and working on AI-driven applications.

We’re growing dynamically, our customer database is expanding, and we’re always interested in welcoming new team members with relevant skills.

We’re a very attractive company along your career path, as we treat our colleagues with respect and are very interested in your professional and personal growth together with our team. We’ll always help you to self-improve, and will provide needed guidance, technical advice, and interesting challenging tasks to practice upon.

We are looking for candidates with knowledge and working experience (1 year or more) of any programming language or platform who are ready to study a new language and technologies and gain new experience.

As we’re focused around one platform, we’ll help you build a personal development plan. We know everything about the market, and are able to define your personal perspectives which will make your career path clear, purposeful and effective.

We’d like to get acquainted with candidates who possess experience of:

  • SalesForce applications development for at least a year


  • PHP, Java, Ruby, etc. languages for at least a year
  • JavaScript
  • Version control system (GIT)
  • Software design patterns
  • English communications (able to at least understand and express themselves orally)

It would be great if you are:

  • a bachelor or master in technical sciences
  • willing to study new technologies
  • good communicator and structural thinker

Job Responsibilities:

  • SalesForce applications development
  • APEX classes, controllers, triggers development
  • UI implementation and improvement
  • Test coverage implementation
  • Client meetings and interviews
  • Job trips to Europe, Asia and US

We offer:

  • Demanding but friendly corporate culture
  • Career and professional growth in the team of Salesforce experts
  • Interesting and sophisticated projects including AI-products based on SFDC
  • Working experience with famous and well-known world brands
  • European approaches in company management
  • Job trips to countries whole over the world
  • Salary level above middle market proposal
  • 4 week paid vacation
  • Loyalty and respect from teammates and company management

We will be glad to see in our team professionals who share our desire to achieve goals and want to succeed in a company where we appreciate and respect personal contribution of each teammate!

Требования к кандидату

  • Опыт: 1 год
  • Технологии: salesforce, machine learning
  • Иностранные языки: Английский — Pre-Intermediate
  • Дополнительно: Принимаются заявки от иногородних (при условии переезда), возможны командировки
dleichik — Дмитрий Лейчик HR-менеджер

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Twistellar is the leading Salesforce solutions provider in Eastern Europe, official Salesforce Consulting Partner, resident of Hi-Tech Park, Belarus.

We're a team of certified professionals, involved in the most responsible and complicated Salesforce projects in the world. 

Cooperating with world IT leaders, we deliver great service and high quality custom Salesforce solutions to world-famous customers.

We develop proprietary AI-driven and data processing products on Salesforce platform, bringing innovations to the cloud. 

We're the strategic partner of Kaptio, the creator of B2B Travel platform on Salesforce, and we're building products together.

Our friendly but demanding corporate culture nurtures individuality, creativity and professionalism, leaving vast space for self-improvement and growth to all members of our team. 

We welcome open-minded, self-demanding enthusiasts, ready to contribute to the most challenging projects and leave a trace in the world IT.

Find more: Core Culture, Experience, Facebook, Instagram, VK

Эл. почта:

Сайт: www.twistellar.com


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