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Banuba Development
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Are you a sound guru? Is audio production your passion? Can you operate sound equipment with your eyes closed?

We are looking for you, do you hear us?

Our team is currently seeking an experienced Sound Engineer.

What you will do:

• Design immersive and rich sound effects to engage users;

• Manage sound design and cinematics mixing in multiple formats and specs.


• 3-5 years of experience in sound engineering;

• A good eye and ear for detail;

• Excellent sound engineering skills, knowledge of the relevant tools and technologies;

• Lateral thinking, creativity and imagination;

• Good communication skills and flexibility;

• Able to work as a part of the team and to cooperate with the programming and art departments;

• Intimate knowledge and experience of managing and operating audio equipment.

Work conditions:

•       Team of professionals;

•       Highly qualified management team;

•       Office in the A-class business center;

•       English language courses, health insurance, paid parking;

•       Following regulations of the Labour Law of the Republic of Belarus;

•       100% official pay.

Требования к кандидату

  • Опыт: 5 лет
HRBanuba — Наталья Кужелевич HR-менеджер

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Founded in 2016, Banuba is a startup that develops technologies for augmented reality-enabled mobile applications.  The company’s core technologies are based on artificial intelligence, computer vision, and other machine learning algorithms, including neural networks that can detect and identify objects, facial expressions, and gestures in real time. Banuba’s technology has a variety of applications, including entertainment mobile applications, educational programs, and emotion tracking. In February 2017, Banuba received a $5 million investment from Larnabel Ventures and VP Capital.

The company has a number of pending US patents and plans to launch a number of mobile applications during 2017. 

Эл. почта:

Сайт: https://banuba.com


Banuba Development
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