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EIS Group is seeking an exceptional Data Scientist to join our Artificial Intelligence team. You will participate in cutting edge research in artificial intelligence to design systematic and computer-driven strategies. You will help to build state of the art system of the future by studying, modelling and defining AI architecture impacting millions of people across the globe.
The position requires a strong interest in understanding the industry and extensive hands-on machine learning and deep learning experience. You will work directly with the company’s team leaders. Initial responsibilities will cover all activities included in full experimental design loops: seeking and identifying hidden value in data, designing AI architecture, testing and re-iterating.


  • Crack our business problems and come up with deployable machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning models
  • Create, prototype and advance our probabilistic AI algorithms
  • Design experiments to test hypotheses
  • Automate knowledge discovery processes (transform unstructured to structured representations)
  • Be a part of team that creates and prototypes end-to-end solutions involving multiple AI problems
  • Document, coach and educate engineering team members in relevant fields
  • Collaborate with data team for data collection
  • Collaborate with software engineers
  • Lead the data scientists team in Minsk office (interview candidates, grow developers, introduce best practices and approaches)

Required skills and experience:

  • More than 3-5 years in data handling, in statistics and in machine learning
  • Excellent math and statistics skills
  • Excellent knowledge about machine learning theory, deep learning theory, ML algorithms, data normalization and tricks
  • Expertise in machine learning frameworks, and at least one programming language Java, Python or Scala
  • Motivation and passion for large-scale machine learning problems

What we offer:

  • Unique working environment
  • High level compensation based on the regular performance reviews
  • 28 calendar days of paid vacation, paid sick leave
  • Medical insurance
  • Various social & team-building activities
  • Free English lessons
  • А comfortable location not far from metro (m. Uruchye)

Think big, get things done, have fun and love working in our team!

Требования к кандидату

  • Опыт: 5 лет
  • Иностранные языки: Английский — Upper Intermediate
  • Дополнительно: Принимаются заявки от иногородних (при условии переезда), возможны командировки
Nina_K — Nina Karjakina HR-менеджер

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EIS Group empowers Property/Casualty and Group insurers to out-innovate and out-perform their competition with customer-centered, digital-ready core software solutions for rating, underwriting, policy administration, claims, billing, distribution management and customer engagement.

EIS Group is headquartered in San Francisco, and has operations in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

We believe that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of our company. We’re proud to work here, not only because EIS Group values integrity, innovation, and collaboration but also because it is a company that values its people and treats them right.

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Сайт: http://www.eisgroup.com/


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