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iOS Engineer (Swift)

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Mobile Department of Juno Lab team is expanding and we are looking for iOS engineers to join!

Our iOS team is working on 2 applications. The service is used by millions of people worldwide, that's why we are using the most advanced technologies stack and attract most experienced engineers to the team. Our startup team is product-oriented, that's why our service is being developed in agile engineering environment and focused on quality.
Our mobile department started in May 2015. Team of iOS and Android engineers is working on 4 applications as part of Juno project.

Our best candidate has strong mobile engineering experience and uses various technologies with focus on iOS platform.

Experience in some of the following will be a great plus, but you are welcome to learn onboard:

  • Swift
  • ReactiveCocoa
  • Unit tests
  • UI architecture approaches e.g. MVC, MVVM
  • Product design involvement

About mobile team responsibility:

  • Design architecture and development of the app
  • Maintain and improve existing codebase, develop new technical solutions
  • Influence product decisions and features
  • Involvement in product design and close cooperation with UX/UI team

Terms and team:

Our offer includes high salary and legal stock options for all the employees. We consider only high-skilled senior level engineers who are following trends in technology and are looking for an opportunity to implement some of them in the project. We have a self-organized agile engineering environment. Want to work in such a team?

How to apply:

You are welcome to request introduction meeting in our office in order to learn more about the opportunity. Your intro email should include your short technical bio or CV (if available), describing relevant experience. Please indicate the preferred way of contacting you and time that suits you most.

Требования к кандидату

  • Опыт: 5 лет
  • Технологии: iOS, Swift, ReactiveCocoa
  • Дополнительно: Принимаются заявки от иногородних (при условии переезда), возможны командировки
gurinovich — Анастасия Гуринович HR-менеджер

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Juno is a fresh approach to ride sharing. By leading with our values and putting drivers first, it will pave the way for better rider experiences. It's refined, responsible, ride sharing.

Juno has been founded by a successful team with an impressive track record. We are ambitious, and we focuse on supporting our ambitions. We are building a world changing product in a team of best engineers of Juno R'n'D in Minsk.

Our mobile clients are developed by using Swift and Kotlin, Backend systems use Go and Microservice architecture, other teams are focusing on solutions using Python/Django, React.js, QA Automation python team, GIS and ML. We proudly say we have the best engineering team in the region!

Looking for an ideal opportunity to apply your technical background and use cutting edge technologies to build a service for hundreds millions of users worldwide? Are you ready to stop being the smartest one in your team and join the team of the smartest ones? Let's have a coffee! Send your introduction to belarus@gojuno.com

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Сайт: gojuno.com


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