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Machine Learning Engineer

Banuba Development
  • Kafka
  • Mathematics
  • Python
  • matlab
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Banuba Development is a computer vision centric startup based in Minsk. We embrace technology and believe in the power of machine learning.

Augmented reality is expanding at a fast pace. Innovations are booming. To be ahead in technology, Banuba Development is developing a mobile app designed to create and share AR videos. To build a top-notch product, Banuba needs strong talent and is looking for an experienced Machine Learning Engineer to join our team.

It will be quite a challenge, but we’re sure you will like it. Read on to find out more.

What You Will Do:

·       Build, implement and maintain production machine learning systems

·       Develop machine learning models to research and understand patterns of user behaviour (engagement, etc.)

·       Develop highly scalable classifiers and tools designed to leverage machine learning, data regression and rules-based models

·       Collaborate with the data science team to use and drive product insights


·       Familiar with the foundational machine learning concepts and algorithms

·       Demonstrated knowledge of Math (probability theory, mathematical statistics)

·       Hands-on experience with the data prediction and analysis methods such as linear and non-linear regression analysis, neural networks and SVM

·       Experience with mathematical models

·       Experience in coding quantitative models on programming languages such as Java/Matlab/C++/Python

·       Experience with large scale data pipelines and distributed systems (Kafka, Spark, etc.)

·       Responsibility, self-discipline and financial honesty

·       Good communication skills

Требования к кандидату

  • Опыт: 3 года
  • Технологии: Kafka, Mathematics, Python, matlab
  • Иностранные языки: Английский — Intermediate
  • Дополнительно: Принимаются заявки от иногородних (при условии переезда)
HRBanuba — Наталья Кужелевич HR-менеджер

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Banuba Development is a computer vision centric startup. Everything we do is around artificial intelligence, computer vision and other machine learning technologies.
Now Banuba develops a number of very hot camera-based apps around its core computer vision technology. We develop only unique, WOW products.
A great team of top computer engineers and mathematicians is our biggest asset.
Our values are non-stop education and team work.
Joining Banuba is definitely an opportunity to take your knowledge and expertise to the next, exciting level.

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Сайт: www.banuba.com


Banuba Development
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